Local business plans big expansion

A north east based mortgage business is planning big expansion in the region which will create many jobs within the region. Get Me My Mortgage is an informational website that connects users with useful information. The website is designed to help people in difficult circumstances or less than typical.

A spokesperson said ‘more and more people are falling out of typical criteria for high street lenders and are having to put of buying their dream home, this doesn’t always have to be the case. We have created a website that is designed for these people to get useful information but we also have a network of experienced mortgage brokers that have the knowledge and experience to help these people get onto the property ladder’.

With the increase in bad credit and self-employment some high street lenders are opening their lending criteria up but others are not. If you were to go straight to a high street lender and get declined because you are not in their criteria this may negatively impact on your credit score which could make it more difficult for you to get approved through another lender.

If you are in a similar situation it may be a good idea to seek expert advice from a mortgage broker before going direct to a bank. A mortgage broker will be able to assess you based on your personal circumstances and tell you if you are likely to be accepted and will know the lenders to approach depending on your circumstances.

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