Flash News From Barnard Castle


Stoneleigh under scrutiny

THE report made by David Fruin, the consultant carrying out the independent investigation into the Stoneleigh complaint, was passed to the county council’s director of corporate and legal affairs this week.
The complainants now have to wait to see whether the report will be referred to one or more of the cabinet, the scrutiny committee or the full council. The county council plans to demolish the residential home in Barnard Castle and build extra-care accommodation in its place.

ALL rights of way in Teesdale are now open  

after restrictions on some farms with footpaths running though them, have been lifted.

Fire kills 185 Pigs.

A FIRE on an Eggleston pig farm which killed 18 sows and 167 piglets could have been a lot worse, says the farmer who lost the livestock.

The pigs died through smoke inhalation as poisonous gas from burning insulation in the ceiling filled the barn where they were sleeping on Thursday night. It is believed the fire started through an electrical fault.
However, Harry Bainbridge believes despite the loss of his pigs, he was very fortunate to only lose what he did.
“I was very shocked to begin with,” he said. “But only as an after reaction did I come to consider how much greater the loss could have been.”